Supera Moras conclave 49 who are also known as the `Internet Conclave` and brings members from all over the country and even as far afield as Canada.

Meeting three times a year with the installation meeting (February) at Ashday Lea and the November meeting at Tapton Hall in Sheffield  the April meeting is left to the choice of the Supreme Ruler to chose a location.

This year the current Supreme Ruler Wy.Bro Paul A Joynson took the conclave to Westhoughton Masonic Hall where two more candidates were inducted into the order swelling this vibrant conclave to 33 members.

Having opened the conclave the Supreme Ruler welcomed Wy.Bro Christian Givvons to the conclave (which happens to be his mother conclave) and offered him the gavel, which he promptly returned as not hinder his duties as secretary.

Bro`s Paul Hook & Paul Shore were admitted into the temple and having proved themselves took their obligation, witnessed by 16 members of the conclave and a number of guests.

Following the obligation PSR WyBro Aiden Murphy assisted in conferring the signs to the newly inducted brothers. Bro Wayne Barnes also assisted in the ceremony by an excellent rendition of the weapons of the Order.

Following a very enjoyable meeting the brethren where treated to a lovely meal downstairs to round off an excellent afternoon of Secret Monitor Freemasonary.

The next meeting is on Saturday 18th November 2017 at Tapton Hall at Sheffield where, planned is another induction ceremony followed by a triple Prince`s degree, so it will be well worth the journey over the Pennines not only to witness the ceremony but to see if the Supreme Ruler has worked on his archery skills………………….which is another story.

Left to Right: Chris Givvons, Paul Hook, Paul Shore and Paul Joynson.

Left to Right: Chris Givvons, Paul Hook, Paul Shore and Paul Joynson.