Saturday the 25th February, saw our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, travel to Sheffield in West Yorkshire, to enjoy some fine Yorkshire hospitality in the sumptuous comfort of Tapton Hall.

The occasion was the Installation of the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler Designate for West Yorkshire, Wy Bro David Crawshaw Staniforth, PAGDC, The Ceremony being carried out by the Grand Supreme Ruler, Most Wy Bro. Paul Raymond Clement and his Team from Grand Conclave.

Wy Bro Frank G H Smith was accompanied by The Deputy Provincial GSR Wy Bro Christian A Givvons and six other Brethren from across the Province of East Lancashire.

All eight received a Reet Gradely and Grand, West Yorkshire Welcome, after which they settled down in the magnificent Masonic surroundings of the main Lodge Room and witnessed a Secret Monitor Ceremony at its absolute finest.

The new Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler then Installed His Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

Wy Bro Alan PK Webster P G Swd B, an old friend of East Lancashire Secret Monitor Masons.

Our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler later remarked, “No matter how many times I see an Installation done by the Grand Supreme Ruler and his team, I feel that it’s a privilege to have been there to see it again.”  And so say all of us.

What a fabulous day and well worth the visit and the Journey.