117 Secret monitors registered to attend and at its peak there were 98 attendees from around the Province, the wider UK and across the world. We were reliably informed that it was raining heavily as well in St Lucia by their Deputy Grand Supreme Ruler Llewellyn Gill.

The meeting room opened at 10:00 and many early attendees enjoyed the informal and light hearted banter that characterized the meet and greet as we welcomed Secret monitors from far and wide.

The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler; R. Wy. Bro. Frank G H Smith formally opened the meeting by welcoming the distinguished guests, visitors and members of the province; he also gave a special thanks to W.Bro. Paul Joynson who hosted the meeting, dealt with the registration process and helped some of the attendees through their technical challenges.

Frank then asked Allan Edge to read out the dispensation allowing the meeting to be held electronically.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler; W.Bro. Christian Givons was then called to list those who had been called to higher service during the last twelve months:

Brethren, sadly since our last meeting, the following brethren have been called to the Grand Supreme Ruler of us all, and I trust that they will be enjoying the Reunion of Spirits in the Grand Conclave above:Wy. Bro Peter Sydney Brown Prov.G.Org (West Lancs)  died 24th Nov 2019 Fraternity Conclave 75

Wy.Bro Ernest John Tutin Acaster  PGStdB died 26th Nov 2019 Robert Burns Conclave 368

R.Wy.Bro John Graham Forsyth  PGG died 18th February 2020 John Walter Chitty Conclave 215

Wy.Bro Thomas Gallaher PGBB died 6th June 2020 Earl of Harwood Conclave 71 The Past Supreme Rulers Conclave of EL 212

Brethren, they are Secret Monitor Freemasons who are held in great respect and they will be remembered throughout this and many Provinces by many Brethren, and I ask that you please give a moments silence in reflection for departed merit

The mundane business of the meeting was conducted during which the Provincial Treasurer and account auditors were re appointed and all Provincial officers who had said they would be honored to remain in post were re-appointed for a further twelve months.

East Lancashire Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler then addressed the meeting:

Firstly brethren how good it is to see you all here today. Thank you all brethren for what you have given to the OSM Province of East Lancashire today, which is one of your most valuable resources. Brethren it is your personal time.
Our own personal time is finite and precious, it cannot be replaced.
I feel very humble that so many brethren ( I was told 116 ) were able to support us today and I trust that you have all thoroughly enjoyed your decision to support us today and to join in our fellowship.
Brethren I would like to wish you all good health so that you can enjoy the ensuing masonic year in all of the Orders of Freemasonry in which you are a Member However above all enjoy this our Order of the Secret Monitor
Brethren may the friend of all friends the founder of faithful friendships be with you all.” 

After receiving many greetings and good wishes from the visitors the meeting was formally closed at 11:22

Many of the attendees remained on line for the after meeting and slowly but surely the numbers dwindled, the general consensus of all was that we had had a good meeting and that the use of technology was allowing us all to stay together and remain the especially friendly and caring order we are renowned for.