The Provincial Grand Senatus of West Lancashire held their annual meeting, virtually, on Zoom at 11:00 on Saturday 12th December 2020. With 78 attendees from as far afield as Singapore, India, and the Caribbean:

During the pre meeting over 77 companions of the order came on line and were greeted with much and varying degrees of merriment. At 11:00 the Provincial Grand Summus Geoff Gill called the meeting to order which commenced with the dispensation being read by the Prov Garand Recorder, it was followed by a moments silence lead for departed merit by the Prov Grand Episcopus for 4 companions called to higher service during the year.

After the mundane business of the meeting Geoff addressed the meeting starting with the ancient Chinese proverb “May we live in Interesting times” in regard to the effects of the Pandemic and the benefit of being able to Zoom making these meetings truly international and welcoming visitors from around the World as well as the UK he concluded by wishing all seasons greeting and hope for an improved 2021. He suggested that those who knew him would agree that he had been uncharacteristically brief he then invited the Grand Summus to address the companions.

Ian Currans then went on to add his welcome to all and spoke on the importance of using available technology during these trying times to engage with all our companions and help to maintain our membership in good spirits. He added his season’s greetings and his hope that 2021 would see us all meeting again person and bringing more new members into our splendid organisation.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 11:27 by the Prov Grand Summus and many companions remained on line to give their personal greetings and best wishes, with some leaving to attend further online meetings of different orders in the UK and Globally.