1030 am Sat 28/11/2020 23 members of the conclave and guests gathered on zoom to hold the meeting with members and visitors from as far afield as North of the Border and across the Channel.

Aiden Murphy the conclave supreme rule formally opened the meeting and the dispensation was read by the secretary. Amongst the mundane business of the conclave a Supreme Ruler for the ensuing year was elected Nigel Dunlop replied that he was honoured to accept and looked forward to a better year in 2021. There were three propositions for new members and a notice of motion for two further members to be proposed at the next meeting.

Paul Joynson announced the formal launch of the new Conclave website superamorasno49.co.uk which had been created by his good lady Katie who had worked long and hard late into the nights and early mornings to bring this new tool to the fore, with some help from Paul himself and a little help along the way from Des Ashton who has just been proposed for membership. Paul also informed every one of the Facebook page & group along with the twitter account. It is hoped that utilising this new internet presence the conclave will live up to its name as the Internet Conclave and begin to attract members from around the UK and the world having first made sure that the constitutions and rules of the order are fully complied with.

After the meeting formally closed many remained on line for the informal chat and was much enjoyed by all.