Prov Grand Supreme Ruler
R. Wy. Bro. Frank G H Smith

The Order of the Secret Monitor, which developed from a still more ancient Degree, is the Brotherhood of David and Jonathan and is in its way older than Freemasonry itself. Its principles and its watchwords being founded upon those grand examples set by two worthy Hebrew Princes around 1000 BC as recorded in the Jewish history of the Bible. What greater themes could one wish for in any Masonic Order than those of friendship and caring? This is principally what The Order of the Secret Monitor is about.

Its ceremonial is based on the Old Testament story of the lifelong friendship between David and Jonathan. The Order, however, does not proclaim Brotherly love simply in the abstract, or as a desirable norm, for at every turn of life, at every crisis of fate a Secret Monitor may look, and will not look in vain, to the experienced among his Brethren who have pledged themselves to give him caution, to prompt him to good actions, to warn him from doubtful ones, to offer him skilful and effective advice, solace in time of sorrow, and to exercise watchful Brotherly care and concern over him and his family at all times. Use this Button to find out how to join the “Friendly Order”.